Hotmail : Review (Why it is Best Email)

Apply to your e-mail account. How to apply for Hotmail in English with simple English Step 7 process to register a member of the hot mail. Naming Hotmail is not unique and your email password filled all the fields. Actually, yes, name, birth date, birth date Forget the code. The answer is good Enter Image Code Call confirmation number It is the heart of the application. Then sigh in or sign up to “register Hotmail”.

  • 1. Apply Hotmail Thai English is the same, but some people read English is not understood as Thai should apply for Hotmail Thai is much easier. To open IE8, google Mozilla firefox, opera next. To access the website then see the below email (Hotmail email). Do not have a Microsoft account? Sign up now.
  • 2. Microsoft Account It will be registered for the use of the mail to complete the details of the user to complete all the fields. – Enter your full name. – Date of birth is correct. – Female, male or not.
  • 3. Name the email without bruising anyone by filling out the details. Enter your Microsoft account @, @ like @ what you put on it. – Create at least 8 letters and capital letters. Small must match Again, enter the password again, remember to put more than 7 characters and combine it.
  • 4. Enter data if you lost your password. How can we help you reset your password?

The phone number to Thailand is +66 and enter the mobile number. Or home number. To be able to contact you in an emergency by ” If you need to reset your password.” We will send the code to this number in text or automated format. “Enter the email address correctly. Should recommend using another mail. Or email yourself not Hotmail because I used as a backup email, then it appears that the email was suspended, then requested a code and asked to use the email again. It is very difficult to get a password. I need to confirm much information is difficult to recommend email not Hotmail backup.

Image Code Please help us make sure that you are not a typo in the correct English lower case letters.

The last step in signing up for a Hotmail account is by clicking on the email box with the offer from Microsoft to me (you can cancel at any time) to verify your identity.
Then click Read Terms of Use.

Terms of use of Microsoft and Statement of privacy and cookies, you agree to receive emails with special offers from Microsoft, you can cancel at any time,
click Accept to agree to the requested email Hotmail works already. Swimming